Rosie Hackamore brown rosegold

Rosie Hackamore brown rosegold

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The MD Rosie is a complete leather hackamore bridle with clipreins. With beautiful crystal broadband and rose gold details. Anatomically shaped behind the ears, softly padded and stable on the head thanks to the chin clip strap. Widely adjustable and available in sizes cob and full.

The hackamore gives a slight leverage effect which distributes the pressure over the nose, chin and behind the ears.

The bridle comes standard with the 'star' shanks but gives the possibility to change shanks.


  • widely adjustable
  • including reins
  • good price quality ratio
  • anatomically shaped
  • shanks can be changed


Headpiece 97-115 cm
Noseband 59-65 cm

Headpiece 100-115 cm
Noseband 60-70 cm