Dardo barebackpad black

Dardo barebackpad black

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Ride comfortably without a saddle with the Dardo barebackpad from F.R.A. The bareback pad is an anatomically shaped riding saddle pad and truly the best of it's kind. The filling consists of high density foam and is extra thick at the withers. The pad is skin-friendly, shock-absorbing and temperature-regulating. The underside is made of Sympanova, which makes the position on the horse very stable. The top is provided with a wear-resistant anti-slip material, which gives the rider a lot of grip, and a handle is also attached to the withers.

The girth locks have a V-shape the helps to divide the pressure. This bareback pad is a fit for every horse including horses with high withers. The universal size fits B ponies to larger horses.


  • Universal size
  • Anti slip
  • Shock absorbing
  • Temperature regulating
  • Suited for horses with a higher wither
  • Comfortable for horse and rider
  • Girth lock coasters
  • Detachable handle

Girth is not included.